Wellness Courses - PhysioPilates

Pilates exercises are designed to build what’s called a ‘girdle of strength’ by focusing on abdominal and postural muscles.

Pilates exercises give you a longer, leaner shape, better posture, a strong back and more mobility.


Colette O'Flynn, B. Physio, M.I.S.C.P., Lic. Ac. runs PhysioPilates courses at SPORTSCO - her work has been featured on RTÉ television, and in the national press. Colette also runs the very successful Physiotherapy Clinic based at SPORTSCO.

Educated at University College, Dublin, the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, England and the British College of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, she spent ten years with Dublin’s Mater Misericordiae Hospital and was the Physiotherapist In Charge of the Mater’s renowned Hydrotherapy Department. She is also a fully qualified acupuncturist.

New 6 week Lunchtime Physio Pilates Course starting Tuesday the 16th of April.

Lunchtime (12:15pm) - Mixed Ability, open to members €60 and Non-Members €65.

New 4 week Evening Physio Pilates course starting Tuesday the 7th of May

Evening Classes - Improver at 6:30pm and Beginners at 7:30pm. Open to Members €55 and Non-Members €60

Booking is now open, call us on 668 7022.