Five-a-Side Soccer Pitches

SPORTSCO's soccer centre has 4 x 5-a-side all weather soccer pitches, with Profoot MXS Club surface.

There are separate changing facilities with lockers for users of the soccer centre. A perfect venue for sports groups, corporate bookings or just a get together with friends.

How to Book

For all casual bookings, please phone reception on (01) 6687022 Ext 0 to check availability. Pitches can be booked seven days a week; prices are €45 per hour at off peak times (before 5pm Monday to Friday, & all day Saturday & Sunday), or €55 at peak times (€70 for non members).

For all block booking queries, please email A block booking would be a quarterly booking with payment in full upfront.

Rules & Insurance

It is a requirement that all players using this facility have adequate personal liability insurance in place and that it is currently in force.

Noise Abatement Policy and General Rules

This policy has been developed to minimise noise on the property and to respect the people living in the area. It is imperative that the policy is adhered to out of respect and consideration to all. Failure to comply with this policy will result in refusal of admission to offending individuals or groups.

  • Use of the pitch is not permitted unless it has been paid for
  • Check in at reception prior to play
  • Courtesy and respect must be shown to all staff and users of this facility and to our neighbours
  • The code of conduct as displayed must be adhered to by all persons
  • Excessive shouting and offensive language is not permitted
  • No loudspeakers/horns etc permitted
  • A speed limit of 5 mph applies to the property
  • No sounding of car horns after 8pm
  • Spectators are not allowed on the pitches
  • If your football gets caught on the netting or fencing please contact reception. Players are not permitted to climb fencing to retrieve footballs
  • Please end your match at two minutes to the hour

Thank you for your co-operation and consideration.

Five-a-side Soccer Rules

  • Goalkeepers must not hold the ball for more than six seconds
  • Once the ball is out of the goalkeeper’s hands, it is deemed in play
  • Goalkeepers must return the ball into play by an under-arm bowling action or drop the ball to their feet
  • Goalkeepers cannot pick up a back-pass
  • Goalkeepers cannot leave the D
  • If the ball hits the side netting of the goal at any stage, the ball is deemed out of play and is in the goalkeeper’s possession
  • Goalkeepers must stay on their line for penalties
  • Goalkeepers cannot slide tackle any player
  • Strictly no slide tackling - including goalkeepers
  • Outfield players cannot handle the ball
  • There is no offside rule
  • Head height rules applies
  • The defending team must take four steps back from the ball for free kicks
  • The ball must be outside the D when kicked to score a goal. On the line, means inside
  • A shot from outside the D that deflects off any player inside the D & into the goal is still a goal
  • No jewellery
  • See below for permitted football boots

Football boots SPORTSCO